Why Velež's Biotech Cellulose Material is the Future of Aesthetic Medicine Masks

Learn about Velež's biotech cellulose material, an industry-leading material made from natural resources and safe micro-organisms, that sets them apart from other cellulose masks on the market. Discover the benefits of Velež's biotech cellulose material, such as its biocompatibility, controlled delivery, fast post-treatment recovery, and visible reduction of redness and puffiness. Find out why Velež's biotech cellulose material is the future of aesthetic medicine masks and how it can be an excellent option for post-treatment care and at-home use.
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The Next Best Thing in Skincare: Biotech Cellulose Face Masks

Discover the endless benefits of Velež biotech cellulose, Intese Hydration Masks- made with an extraordinary amount of water capacity to permeate the skin layers and boost the dermis with hydration.
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Microneedling 101

So what is microneedling and why has it become so popular?

Microneedling is a quick and low pain dermaroller procedure that uses a bunch of small needles to puncture the surface layer of the skin, boosting collagen production and strengthen the epidermis.

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