Why Velež's Biotech Cellulose Material is the Future of Aesthetic Medicine Masks

Learn about Velež's biotech cellulose material, an industry-leading material made from natural resources and safe micro-organisms, that sets them apart from other cellulose masks on the market. Discover the benefits of Velež's biotech cellulose material, such as its biocompatibility, controlled delivery, fast post-treatment recovery, and visible reduction of redness and puffiness. Find out why Velež's biotech cellulose material is the future of aesthetic medicine masks and how it can be an excellent option for post-treatment care and at-home use.
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Post-Intensive Treatment Care: The One Product You Need

Have you ever had an intensive treatment done on your skin?  Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Microdermabrasion, Laser Therapy, Skin Resurfacing, etc. These are the more common skin treatments...
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