Velez by Vesna

Our advanced technology uses natural resources and safe micro-organisms, while remaining chemically free producing distinctively nurturing skincare.

Our unique biotech cellulose material, made of a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from vegetable raw materials.

Tiny microorganisms are able to produce high-tech polymers, simply out of sugar from plants. We select these vegan microorganisms from their natural environment and transfer them to the industrial production process, "White Bio-Technology”. The material is easily degradable, require less energy and create less waste during the production.

Our biotech cellulose, compared to the other bio cellulose products, has a much more complex, interwoven fiber network (one almost identical to human skin). The nanostructure fiber network mimics human skin matrix, making it extremely receptive and effective on skin.

Biotech Cellulose was originally created to help injured skin to heal, and has been already used in advanced wound dressings, therefore it intrinsically promotes the natural regeneration of the skin and improves the skin's profile.

Biotechnologically derived cellulose made from raw vegetable materials

Purely 3D-structured cellulose

High mechanical stability

Excellent biocompatibility

Several patents held worldwide including USA and Germany

Benefits of Velež Biotch Cellulose Material
Biocompatible with newly treated skin without the irritation that can be caused by chemical products.
Controlled delivery of sterile hydration and nourishment for up to 2 hours.
Cooling effect reducing skin temperature by 4°C.
Fast post treatment and improved appearance for less downtime.
Visible reduction of redness, puffiness and irritation.
Self-adhering quality providing mobility and immediate comfort.
Acts as physical protection from atmospheric aggressors.
Protects the skin barrier, and at the same time enhances the deeper absorption and efficiency of serums and moisturizers for accelerated results
Post treatment adherence application and effortless homecare and removal.