Velez by Vesna
Biotech cellulose is made up of a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. This natural and renewable biopolymer of 100% pure cellulose has unique material properties due to its nanostructured fiber network. Its properties as well as our unique production process are patented in the United States as well as in Europe.
There are many differences between our mask and a generic sheet mask. Here we are highlighting a few main differences:
Hydration Content 95% 9-14%
Application Time Up to 2 hours 15-30 min
Sterilization Yes No
Plumping Effect Plumping Effect up to 3 days Sometimes
Water Supply Long lasting hydration for several hours Fluctuates due to rapid evaporation
Vegan Yes Collagen Masks-No
Residue Free Yes No
Our products are created and hand packaged in Germany, under medically inspected laboratories.
No, Velež is proud to be cruelty free.
There are many ways in which to incorporate Velež Mask into your skincare routine: before/during/after
  • Before: applying your mask, like any other mask, you must clean and dry your face. You may apply your mask after this step, especially after any treatments.
  • During: After the mask is on for 20 min, you may choose to apply your skincare, then apply the mask for continued restorative benefits. As the skin barrier is lowered, the pores are opened, and the effect is much stronger.
  • After: Once finished with the mask application, you may apply your skincare to help further penetrate your skin.
Our product is biocompatible with newly treated skin without redness. Our mask provides fast post-treatment comfort and appearance for less downtime. We recommend you consult with your aesthetician or location of service prior to use.

After cosmetic procedures, the skin is vulnerable and can become extremely stressed resulting in redness, heated irritation and topical dryness that is best served by immediate cooling and hydrating relief.

The Velež mask consists of only natural ingredients/ free from preservatives and fragrances causing no allergic reaction. Our product is biocompatible with newly treated skin. Our mask can provide comfort and hydration post treatments for visibly less redness and puffiness. We recommend you consult with your doctor, aesthetician or location of service prior to use.

When applying our mask post sunburn you can see and feel a difference on skin. The mask has a high humidity level that allows a steady cooling of the skin.
We recommend having the mask on for no longer than 2 hours as the water content will naturally evaporate leaving a thin layer that is no longer usable. This thin layer is biodegradable, we recommend discarding and applying a new mask when necessary.