Velež is an industry leader in providing advanced masks for the aesthetic medicine space. Their multi patented biotech cellulose material, made from natural resources and safe micro-organisms, sets them apart from any other cellulose masks on the marketplace the competition. Let's explore the benefits of Velež's biotech cellulose material and why it is the future of aesthetic medicine masks.

The Benefits of Velež's Biotech Cellulose Material
Biocompatibility:Velež's biotech cellulose material is biocompatible with newly treated skin, making it an excellent option for immediate post-treatment care. Because of this, Velež does not cause any skin irritation.


Controlled delivery: Our biotech cellulose material provides controlled delivery of sterile hydration and nourishment for up to two hours. It has t has a cooling effect that reduces skin temperature by 4°C, providing a soothing sensation for the skin.

Peace of mind: Velež Biotech Cellulose Material has no Ingredients, and as a Sterile product it provides the peace of mind that no infections, reactions or allergies will be triggered when applied after ablative and non-ablative treatments.

Fast post-treatment: Velež's biotech cellulose material has a self-adhering quality that provides mobility and immediate comfort. It promotes fast post-treatment recovery and improves the appearance of the skin, resulting in less downtime.

Visible reduction of redness, puffiness, and irritation: Velež biotech cellulose The material protects the skin barrier while enhancing the deeper absorption and efficiency of serums and moisturizers for accelerated results. It also acts as physical protection from atmospheric aggressors.

Effortless homecare and removal: Velež's biotech cellulose material is easy to apply and remove, making it an excellent option for at-home use.

Velež's biotech cellulose material is the future of aesthetic medicine masks. Its biocompatibility, immediate cooling relief, controlled delivery of sterile hydration, fast post-treatment comfort, visible reduction of redness, and effortless homecare and removal make it an excellent option for post-treatment care and at-home use. Its unique 3D-structured cellulose and high mechanical stability set it apart from other bio-cellulose products. With several patents held worldwide, including the USA and the EU, Velež is committed to providing the best quality masks for the aesthetic medicine space.