Velež masks have been designed and created by a team of experts. The experts behind the innovative masks are experienced, interdisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology, to name a few. The final product is the biotech patented cellulose material, which differs from other cellulose-based masks for a variety of reasons. Our innovative biomaterial is a natural, renewable material obtained from raw vegetable materials. This 100% pure cellulose and water mask, with nanostructured fiber network, mimics the natural inner structure of the skin's tissue, making it very receptive and effective on the skin.

Velež' biotech cellulose is produced using a controlled process, also known as "White Bio-Technology"- production under static cultivation conditions. The difference between the biotech cellulose and other biocellulose is the production  environment. Biotech cellulose is produced with a highly regulated process and controlled clean conditions, resulting in a medical grade quality product.

On the other hand, biocellulose is produced in trays with little to no controlled conditions such as defined temperature and humidity levels and other process controls. This makes for a material that is not advanced and compatible with our skin. Velež masks, compared to other cosmetic mask materials, excel by performance, quality, purity, and hydration delivery.

Velež biotech cellulose is unique and the most beneficial for many reasons.

Our Biotech Cellulose is:

  • Biocompatible: Self-adhering and works as a second skin, allowing for easy application, pain-free removal, and provides mobility.
  • Unique Structure: Nanostructured fiber network mimics the human's skin tissue, making it extremely receptive on skin.
  • Cooling: The pure water content and no added ingredients allows the mask to cool the temperature of the skin by 38 °F
  • 95% Hydration Content: The intense hydration level with the unique material allows for immediate and long-lasting hydration supply into the skin dermis .
  • 100% Natural and Pure: Made with no harsh chemicals, parabens, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial ingredients, drying agents, or scents.