Velez by Vesna

Nature provides truly fascinating substances that are instinctively soothing to the skin and our biotech cellulose material is one example. Tiny microorganisms are able to produce high-tech polymers simply out of sugar. We harvest these natural sources from their native surroundings and transfer them into an industrial process defined as “white technology”. Without changing the natural process, itself, this clean technology protects this action in controlled, hygienic conditions producing the medical-grade quality of our products.

" Would like to add that the technology is patented (combination of 8 pending and granted patents)."

Biotech cellulose is the high-tech material originally developed to assist accelerated healing for injured and traumatized skin. Due to the high-water content above 95%, the extensive cooling of the skin up to 4 hours, and the 100% sterility of the material, this superior mask is the perfect complement for intensive regeneration and healing. Studies show that the high viscosity allows for a controlled release of hydration over a period of 8 hours, delivering deep penetration into the skin throughout the day or night.