Do you go through face masks on a weekly basis?

Face masks are the ultimate skincare reward you could give your skin, but most sheet masks are loaded with artifical ingredients that lead to allergic reactions, and dry out after 30 minutes.

The Ultimate Face Mask:

Velež Intense Hydration Mask is the next big thing in skincare. It is packed with hydration, to deliver maximum moisture into the skin for up to 2 hours, without drying out. 

It's made with a unique ultra water retentive biotech cellulose material which allows each mask to hold more than 95% hydration content, to release a constant and ultimate water supply to the skin for up to 2 hours. And better yet, it will cause no allergic reaction since it is made from organic, all natural material. 

Cooling and Hydrating Benefits: Anti-puffiness Remedy

Puffy skin can be uncomfortable and tends to be at their worst in the morning if the cause is fluid retention. You may have heard of the old remedy, cold compresses but, this keeps you from doing other things. The Intense Hydration Mask is self adhesive, so you can go on with your day while allowing the ultra cooling properties to de-puff your skin instantly.

    • The face mask works as a second-skin, applying tightly yet comfortable on the skin to allow you to be mobile and multi-task whereas with a cold compress or ice on the skin, one cannot have ease of mobility.
    • After simply 20 minutes of use, skin is noticeably more youthful, and puffiness is greatly reduced. Your skin will be thoroughly rehydrated and retained water will
    • The mask's cooling effect reduces skin temperature by 38°F which constricts blood vessels and visibly subsides inflammation .