About 60% of the human body is made up of water. One major reason we have water in our bodies is because water helps give cells their structure and keeps them plump. The more hydrated your skin is, the fewer wrinkles and fine lines you'll see. 

Wrinkled skin is a reflection of your skin not getting enough water, and dehydrated skin will then turn into dry and flaky skin, which has less resilience and is prone to wrinkling. Water is key to helping your skin maintain moisture and increasing skin's elasticity. The more elastic your skin, the fewer wrinkles you'll see.

So, it's important to keep skin hydrated and moisturized, as well as your body hydrated by drinking water as well. 

When skin is hydrated, it will visibly show. Your skin will be plumper and glowing, and there will be visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well since the skin's elasticity will be boosted.

Intense Hydration Masks boost the skin's water content since it contains 95% hydration level, compared to the 8-12% water content in other face masks. Experience the beauty of truly hydrated skin, with Velež masks.

Other cosmetic face masks have drastically lower moisture levels, with a max saturation of 10% and the water supply decreases by 50% in just 2 hours. Velež unique material masks rank at 10x that of comparing products in the skincare market in terms of moisture level- with an abundant supply of constant moisture for several hours.